Friday, 13 January 2012

Protein Bar Recipe

For anyone working out, we all know it is important to get a good source of protein each day, but at times this can prove difficult or you just don't have the time. This is where I discovered the wonders of protein bars, and how they proved to be a great snack or even meal replacement each day.

The main issue with protein bars though is price, where many charge £1+ per bar or even multi-packs of 24 can cost around £20. This is when I decided it was time to try a create my own protein bars, and after trying many different recipes (ones that required no cooking/baking skills) I found the perfect 10 minutes recipe that tastes great!

All you'll need is:
100-150ml semi-skimmed milk
2 Table Spoons Peanut Butter
Vanilla Extract
2 Table Spoons of Honey
60g Dark Chocolate
50g Protein Whey
75g Oats
Chopped Almonds
Grease Proof Paper

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1. Simply add the semi skimmed milk, peanut butter, vanilla extract, honey and dark chocolate into a non-metallic bowl and heat in the microwave on full power for 90-120 seconds.
2. Whilst that is heating up, add the protein whey, oats and almonds into a mixing bowl and mix together.
3. Take the contents out of the microwave when done (caution it will be hot!) and mix these together until it appears the dark chocolate takes over the mixture.
4. Add the mixture from step 3 to the mixing bowl and stir all the contents together until fully mixed.
5. Line a tray or dish with grease proof paper and then add the mixture. Flatter out the mixture and compress (push down) as much as possible.
6. Place the contents in the fridge for 20-30 minutes.
7. After this time period remove your protein bar recipe and place upside down on a chopping board whilst removing grease proof paper.
8. Cut the protein recipe into your desired serving size, wrap in cling film or foil and keep stored in the fridge.

Enjoy your protein bars at any time and provide your body with cheap, but HIGH quality source of protein!

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