Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Why is it important to warm up before exercise?

A warm up is the act of preparing for an athletic event or workout by exercising or practicing for a short time beforehand. Warming up helps reduce your risk of injury and the aches and pains that come with exercise. The physiological reason to warm up is to assist your circulatory system in pumping oxygen-rich blood to your working muscles. The idea is to increase circulation throughout the body in a gradual manner. A proper warm up safely prepares the body for the increased demands of exercise. Cold muscles do not absorb shock or impact as well, and are more susceptible to injury.

A warm-up helps you prepare both mentally and physically for exercise and reduces the chance of injury. During a warm up, any injury or illness you have can often be recognised, and further injury prevented. Other benefits of a proper warm up include:
  • Increased movement of blood through your tissues, making the muscles more pliable.
  • Increased delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your muscles. This prevents you from getting out of breath early or too easily.
  • Prepares your muscles for stretching.
  • Prepares your heart for an increase in activity, preventing a rapid increase in blood pressure.
  • Prepares you mentally for the upcoming exercise.
  • Primes your nerve-to-muscle pathways to be ready for exercise.
  • Improved coordination and reaction times.
A low impact exercise, such as biking or walking or using an elliptical or rowing machine (my favourite for moderate warm up) is the best way to warm up.

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